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Social Media, A wake up call for Job Boards

With the New Year's hangover finally passing, now, this is a big chance to try new things and look for the future.

Job boards are falling behind on developing the right skills across levels. There's an urgent need for job boards to re-evaluate their existing programs and conduct, and leave some historical trends of hiring in the past. Or, put more bluntly, it's as good as the opportunity to smarten the heck up.

2016 points to disruptive trend i.e. Social Media for the Job Board Industry and is said to be a wake-up call for Job Boards. Thousands of Business Leaders sought to unearth critical trends that are shaping recruiting agenda within the organization. With the ever-expanding skill shortage and the growing war for talent, employer branding, employee engagement, and employer-employee retention are now changing.

However, with heightened demand for social media to meets the expectation of job boards; is necessary. As demand for talent picks up, the balance of power in business is rapidly shifting to the online recruitment industry.

Social Media is a driving factor for many organizational outcomes. As result emerges as most grave concern for 2016, Jobboard needs to take proactive steps to recruit ensuring greater performance. All of which goes to determine how difficult it can be to predict the destiny of Job boards. With that caveat, here’s a look at five ways social media will evolve the future of recruiting.

1) The Social Media Raises Expectations and Concerns: The social Web, most often recognized as sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, has invented new ways for the target audience to connect and interact online. Through the social Web’s functionality, It enables a higher level of engagement and connectivity with one another.

2) Your "employment brand" is an essential selling point: Before applying or accepting a job, savvy applicants will evaluate company brands. They will be analyzing you as much as you're analyzing them. So make your board a sharp tool for engaging talent.

3) Millennials dictate evolution: Most of the Millennials entering the job market will expect a far better candidate experience than today. They dictate that Job Boards be upgraded to initiate timely candidate interaction and utilize social media as a communication tool. This shift in Job Boards will deliver a digital handshake and a virtual smile.

4) Data analytics are getting more sophisticated: Social networks are a much wider talent pool for Job Boards. Moreover, during a recent Survey conducted on the Social Networks used by recruiting audience has proved Social Media is a wake-up call for Job Boards. We found that

  • 61.5% use LinkedIn,

  • 30.7% use Facebook,

  • 23.1% use Twitter, and

  • 7.7% are using only job boards.

From these statistics, it's clear that the most professional features of social media and job board functionality make LinkedIn the most preferred choice for social recruiting.

5) Grasp digital technology, mobile technology, online video hiring: With day by day, month by month & year by job seekers spending increasing amounts of their online time using digital technologies. Everything is now wirelessly connected to the Internet.

Mobile recruiting is often called as a growing opportunity for recruiters to connect with candidates more efficiently with "over 89% of job seekers saying their mobile device will be a valuable tool and resource for their job search.

Video Hiring is getting its rightful place in the hiring process as a powerful recruiting tool to encourage recruiting efforts and increase ROI.

Today, Recruiting has gone nearly 100-percent digital. Moving to a new global role of social recruiting is an opportunity to appreciate, grow in experience and gain awareness of your Job boards strengths as you further increase in yours business.

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